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Clinical massage

  Clinical massage is an umbrella term that utilizes multiple techniques of Orthopedic Massage such as Trigger Point Therapy, Deep Tissue Therapy, Myofascial release, Cupping, Kinesio Taping, stretches, Joint Mobilization Techniques, ART 

(active release technique) to name a few. The goal is to free up your soft tissue, release adhesions, restore muscle balance and proper joint motion, eliminate pain and improve posture and structural integration and help with the proper 

lymph flow.

This form of bodywork is for someone who is looking for deep, thorough work, but also it can be used as health care regime check-ups and preventative treatments. 

The studies have shown that receiving a series of frequent clinical sessions might be a great alternative to unnecessary surgeries in the future.

Please call or text if you have any questions. 

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